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Welcome to my new website! I decided it was time to create a site that properly reflects my writing passions and goals. So here it is.

You can find out about me in the Bio section. Quite the thrilling read.

As far as books, to date I have had 5 mid grade Michigan-based historical novels published which can be viewed within Books here. I’ve greatly enjoyed the research and historical aspects of writing these books. I’m always thrilled when invited into schools to share my love of writing and Michigan history with students. Schools with this interest may e-mail me with inquiries.

However, as much as I love writing for the younger ages, I am striving towards new goals: writing for young adult, ages 16 to 18, and also writing for adults with light-hearted romance. Eclectic indeed! Stretching my writing skills.

I am so excited to share my Portfolio with you! This section offers my published essays through the years, some from as far back as 1995 in the Detroit Free Press Magazine, when it existed. My latest publication, There's a Dinosaur in my Bathroom, is for the November issue of Sasee Magazine (  themed, "Making Memories". I hope you enjoy it.

I hope you will hop on board my Blog to check on my writing progress as I share musings about the shimmering joys and the heartbreaking anguish of this process. I appreciate your patience as my Blog is a work in progress. blush

I look forward to spending time with you!



New Content

New Content


 Happy New Year!!!
  I hope you are well and enjoyed the holidays as much as I did. In fact, I enjoyed them a bit much and grit my teeth every morning when I step on the
  Please wish me luck as a few minutes ago, January 3, I submitted a revision of my light-hearted romantic manuscript, PJ & Company, to Entangled Publishing with their suggested edits for review. They usually take around 60 days to respond to submitted works. I will be checking my Submit status on my phone hourly! frown
Now I will devote myself to editing my Sarah's Daughter manuscript to resubmit the end of April to the same publisher.
And so the waiting game begins!frown

UPDATE: My ms. status just went from Received to In Progress. The wait continues! 1-7-19

Stay well!


New Content