About the Author

My ankle tattoo states in a lovely script ink: cacoethes scribendi . 

I’m often asked what it means since Latin is no longer required in our slacker schools.( I took Greek in college: studying a dead language is a character building experience akin to memorizing the Periodic Table).

The phrase is Latin for ‘bad habit of writing’, loosely translated, ‘insatiable urge to write’. 

That’s me. I write because I cannot ‘not’ write. (let it go!)

Growing up in the Detroit area, as a child I wrote about our cats and the horses I desperately wanted. At Michigan State University earning a Bachelors and Masters degree through the 70s (groovy, man) I wrote the world’s worst poetry. 

While working as a teacher and administrator at a community college for over 30 years, I wrote 5 Michigan based mid-grade historical novels. (see Books)

I’ve written essays (see portfolio) which I hope reflect my life and positively impact the lives of those around me.  

I’m long married and parent to two amazing adult children, Amanda and Justin. I am also blessed with three grandchildren. Lucky me!

And I continue to write, branching out to light-hearted romance and young adult fiction. 

Coffee, cats and chocolate remain my creative companions, sustaining me through the many hours of research, writing, rewriting and editing of my works. 

That and the twinkle lights across my desk.
One can never have too many twinkle lights.