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School Visits:

Younger students enjoy learning about the writing process as Ms. Cory brings ‘sloppy copies’ of her work and historical reference materials to show budding authors the many layers of writing about history. Ms. Cory and students together create word pictures in interactive activities that teach students the importance of ‘showing not telling’ when they write!!

For upper elementary grades, Ms. Cory focuses on Michigan history along with the writing process, including a Michigan History game. For middle and high school grades, the focus is on the writing process, research, as well as the publishing process. If students are reading any of her books, Ms. Cory will be pleased to read a chapter aloud to the class. Time is always left for questions so students can learn that Kim doesn’t know J.K. Rowling (she must shop at a different Meijers than does Kim) and that Kim is the official changer of kitty litter in her household.

The author schedules all her own presentations.

Ms. Cory is also available for teacher in-services regarding how to integrate children’s books into the curriculum and revisiting what makes ‘good’ children’s literature.

For some advice on how to set up Author Visits, check out this website.


  • $500 per day to be paid by the end of the final presentation day which consists of up to 4 – one hour sessions for the day
  • $250.00 per half day which includes 2 sessions. Half day sessions will rarely be arranged outside of a 60 mile radius of the Lansing area. School districts often join in arranging the author visit and ‘share’ a few days, sometimes a half day at a time, within one district, or if Ms. Cory has a bookstore engagement in the area of a school, half day presentations may be arranged.
  • The default mileage reimbursement of your school district; reimbursement is fine.
  • Most schools request an invoice several weeks in advance of the scheduled visit so that payment may be made on the day of the visit and Ms. Cory is happy to provide this document.
  • Ms. Cory is content staying at a Super 8 or Comfort Inn or the like with the school arranging for and paying for the room. NOTE: OVERNIGHT ARRANGEMENTS ARE NOT NECESSARY IF WITHIN THE GREATER DETROIT AREA AS MS. CORY IS A DETROIT NATIVE AND WILL PESTER FAMILY AND FRIENDS FOR A BED!!
  • Book signings available during lunch or after school if prearranged and the school has the books for sale. Student preorders through the school are best as Ms. Cory cannot bring the books herself.
  • One venue ( library or classroom) per visit preferred so Ms. Cory can remain stationary throughout the day

Equipment to be supplied by schools:

  • A free standing easel with paper pad
  • Banquet sized table or the equivalent of table space
How to order Kim’s books:
Always mention that you are hosting an author event when ordering books.
  • Tending Ben's Garden, Charlie Boy, and Lilly’s Way can be ordered through the publisher at an educational discount: Royal Fireworks Press—845-726-4444 or from Ingram if you have an account: 800-937-8000.
  • www.amazon.com
  • www.barnesandnoble.com
  • Check out your local bookstore for purchasing or ordering these books as well.

Having students read Kim’s books will make her visit much more meaningful. Talk to them about Michigan history and prepare them for her visit!! Click here for a School Visit Announcement flyer.

Booking an event:

Send an e-mail to kim@kdelmarcory.com with possible dates and the type of event and Kim will be in touch with you soon.

Dates to remember:

March is Reading Month    

Conference presentations:

As an educator, Ms. Cory enjoys sharing her experiences writing for children, what makes ‘good’ children’s literature, and the importance of historical fiction in children’s education. Her methods of researching history and the truths and tales of historical fiction also prove for fascinating fare in conference presentations. Ms. Cory has presented as a children’s author of historical fiction at MAME (Michigan Association of Media Educators), Michigan Reading Association and other educational conferences across our wonderful state.

The importance of Historical Fiction

Historical fiction allows the young reader to connect with the past personally and emotionally in a manner rarely attained through the reading of a social studies or history text book alone. Historical fiction engages readers by allowing them to vicariously experience wars, adventures, hemispheres and diverse groups of people in an honest manner that no other genre can.

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