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This photo was taken of me on a Lake Michigan beach in Muskegon when I was 2. I was born in Muskegon and lived there until I was about 3. My older siblings, Pam and Rick, and I summered at my grandparent’s on Mona Lake for years thereafter. Obviously I had a rough childhood. :-)

I still feel like this when I spend summer time on a Michigan beach! Just look at those blond curls and sunkissed cheeks! I’m adorable!

Here I am in our Birmingham house at age 3 with my older sister, Pam, creating stunning crowns for our dog, Ginger, out of brown paper bags. Ah, the good old days!



I’ve written for as long as I can remember. But I shared a room with my older sister Pam for 17 years!! She was mean! Because I had no privacy, I wrote in the attic off our bedroom of our house on Borgman near 11 mile and Coolidge. I’d fill notebooks with stories about our pets, the Beatles and horses. I loved horses!! I read every book I could find on horses. I even had an invisible pony named Tony that I kept tied to the Lilac bush in my backyard.

My sister hated that! :-)


School Years:

Growing up in Oak Park, I attended Tyler Elementary School for grades Kindergarten through 5. I remember all my teacher’s names. Want me to share with you? Are you sure?

Hey, did I mention I was playground Tetherball champion when I was in the 4th grade?

I spent the first half of 6th grade in the Burton Elementary School gymnasium (Huntington Woods) because our new school, Tyndall, wasn’t finished yet. I think Tyler is now called Avery School after Mr. Avery who was our school principal when I attended in the 60’s, and Tyndall is now called Tyndall Center. Oh well. Norup Junior High School, directly across the street from Tyler Elementary, covered 7-9th grade.

Throughout these junior high years, drawings of the Beatles covered our bedroom walls. Girls at the school had to petition the school board so we could wear pants to school!! (Yes, I’m serious!) Mini skirts and fishnet stockings were all the rage: parents ‘raged’ about them and they were the height of fashion. Yes, I looked stunning in both, thank you!

However, during these formative years I also wore braces on my teeth, had straight stringy hair, and sported orthopedic saddle shoes when all the other girls were wearing pointy toed ‘flats’.

My older brother, Rick, called me ‘Ugly’. To this day, he calls me Ug. He was scary mean!!

Singing in the Acapella Choir with the renowned Mr. DeMaria (Mr. ‘D’) as our director was the highlight of my Berkley High School years. ( I still have the pin I received for serving as choir secretary.) I also was on the Student Council and involved in Drama productions, both behind the scenes and on the stage. In fact, a drama buddy of mine has made it in the movie business. Remember “Booger” in the movie “Revenge of the Nerds”? He was a drama buddy of mine named Curt Armstrong. I was pretty good myself and actually spent the better part of the summer before 10th grade attending Cranbrook Theatre School in their amazing outdoor theater in Bloomfield Hills.

Guess the name of one of my drama class instructors there? HINT: You may know him by the name of Freddie Kruger. I knew him as Robert Englund.

Wow! I knew some famous people way back then!!!

On to college: Michigan State University : Go Green –Go White!! I attended MSU for one year after high school. Then, at the end of my freshman year, my father died. For the next few terms I attended Wayne State University and lived at home with my mom on Borgman (my mean older brother and sister were married). During this time I worked at Jacobson’s Children Store in downtown Birmingham. I ordered a chocolate Sunday with marshmallow topping for dinner every day that I worked from the Sanders store across the street! Those were the days!!

Back to MSU where I graduated with a degree in English Literature in 1976. I became bored after a few months and, waitressing to support myself, I earned a Masters degree in Education from good ol’ MSU.

I really wanted to teach and, after tutoring at a private place for many years, I started teaching Writing classes part-time at Lansing Community College (www.lcc.edu) where I still teach and advise part-time today.



About my Family:

After earning my Masters degree at MSU, in 1980 I married this guy named Loren who was a cook at the restaurant where I waitressed. I thought his name was Warren at first and he didn’t like that. We bought a small house in East Lansing across from the MSU campus.

Our daughter Amanda Marie was born in 1983, and our son Justin Lee in 1986. Here they are at ages 4 and 7 and last year at Justin’s high school graduation at ages 18 and 21.

We had a dog named Jesse and an assortment of cats over the years. Today we have a year and a half old yellow lab named Brutus Maximus, brother cats named Tyler and Charlie, and female cats Oreo and Henrietta.

This past March my husband Warren...I mean, Loren...and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary.

In addition to having a brother and sister-in-law who live in Minnesota, a sister who lives in Clawson, and a mother and step-father who live in Rochester Hills, I have an assortment of nephews and nieces scattered about. I definitely consider Detroit home.

Today when I’m not working at Lansing Community College, I enjoy visiting schools to share my love of Michigan history and writing. I also teach writing for children through distance learning for the Institute of Children’s Literature: www.institutechildrenslit.com.

And, yes, I write.

Just for you!!!

Take care,
Kim Cory


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